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Valentines Day Survival Guide For Singles in Canada’s Most Romantic City

Love is in the air - but what do you do if you're alone in Canada's most romantic city? WayPoint Counselling has some survival tips for the thousands of single men and women who are coping with all the...
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This Valentine’s Day, Remember Your Friendship with Your Partner

Welcome to WayPoint Counselling and Referral Centre's February 2015 newsletter.  As Valentine's Day approaches, many of us who have been in longterm relationships may be wondering, yet again, what do we do for Valentine's Day? Is it even worth it?...
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The Transformational Benefit of a Regret

Recently, while laid up at home and too sick to do much of anything, I ended up watching a bunch of TV and videos.  After way-too-many-hours of general poor quality "entertainment", I stumbled onto a few TEDTalks.  I'd watched...
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Change Negative Thinking and Change Your Mood

During an average day, we have approximately 50 000 thoughts/day. That's a lot!  Now consider the impact if most of those have a negative tone. Not good, right?  That's how depression, anxiety and anger can develop into problematic emotional states.Negative...
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Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution

Planning to lose weight? Start exercising? Stop smoking?Welcome to WayPoint Counselling and Referrals Centre's January 2015 newletter. Happy New Year to all.  If you made a New Year's resoution, actually making it happen can be tougher than you think....
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What to do about Negativity in Relationships

February, and so Valentine’s Day can bring a bit of anxiety about how to manage the expectations of this special day.  What do you do? Is dinner appropriate?  Or do you go with flowers and chocolates?  Perhaps even a...
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