Individual Counselling

When first considering counselling, it is not unusual for people to feel a bit embarrassed and “put it off”.  Avoiding professional help can lead to a problem getting worse as unhealthy patterns are not addressed. WayPoint counsellors help in the following ways:

  • Provide a safe place in which to discuss your concerns and challenges
  • Help you develop skills in coping with current or past challenges
  • Help you negotiate sudden changes in life such as a change in marriage, family, job or career or a traumatic event or serious illness
  • Work with you in developing tools to become more resilient in the face of future challenges

It is not necessary to wait until a serious problem arises.  More and more people are seeking out counselling earlier – as a way of keeping their life goals and aspirations on track, or maintaining healthy habits, patterns and relationships.  It’s like a personal tune up.  We don’t hesitate making sure our cars run well, and we doing the same for our personal lives and meaningful relationships makes good sense.  Think of a counsellor as a coach for many different scenarios – a professional revitalizing their career path, an adult coping with an aging parent, a couple reenergizing their relationship, parents managing the challenges of parenting, or a single person becoming connected with others.  Others seek out counselling when faced with a difficult decision and need an objective and confidential sounding board.