Ella Morelle, MACP, RCC

Elizabeth (Ella) Morelle is a registered clinical counsellor located in Ladysmith, BC.  Her counselling office is close to Nanaimo, Chemainus, Cedar, Crofton, Duncan, and Cowichan Bay, BC. She has been practicing the art of healing for over 25 years. Ella trained many years ago in the Japanese art of shiatsu, a bodywork system which uses the Chinese meridians and acupressure points to create overall balance in the body’s energy system. This in turn brings about good health. Ella is knowledgeable about both eastern and western medical models and she uses a cutting-edge approach which combines the best of ancient wisdom and contemporary science.

Ella incorporates psychotherapy in her counselling with body awareness, breath, presence, and healing. She creates a safe, non-judgmental space where you can feel heard, understood and held in compassion. Ella empowers you to undergo your own healing transformation, by gaining clarity, and changing your own thought processes, becoming more present and making positive changes in your life.

As a clinician, Ella uses a solution focused approach and incorporates Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and mindfulness into her counselling practice.

Ella helps people with concerns such as depression, anxiety, fear, trauma, abuse, domestic violence, PTSD, sleep, stress and stress related illness, limiting beliefs, chronic pain or illness, addictions, communication skills, grief and loss. Ella also offers couples counselling and is sensitive to First Nations issues.

If you are feeling so much emotional pain, but no one else has a clue, you probably feel really isolated and alone. Maybe you feel like your whole life has fallen apart. Perhaps you struggle with unrealistic fears and anxiety. Maybe you are going through a life transition and you feel completely overwhelmed. If you feel stuck in a rut, and find yourself repeating the same old unhealthy patterns, Ella can help you to make positive change, rapidly alter negative, limiting beliefs, and move forward into a more fulfilling, joyful, and satisfying experience of life.

Imagine a life where you feel happy, confident, calm and relaxed. You are thriving, not just surviving and you are reaching your potential. You find life engaging, and interesting, and you are living life to the max- and- it’s fun!

By “holding space” with compassion, Ella supports you in claiming your power and living life on your terms. Daytime and evening sessions. Secure online video conferencing sessions also available, so long distance, no problem!

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