Lucia Simoncicova, MA, RCC

Lucia is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with BCACC, specializing in counselling Child, Youth and Families in Oak Bay, Victoria, BC.  Her office is in Oak Bay and is close to Fairfield, Uplands, Cadboro Bay and Downtown Victoria BC.  Lucia provides counselling services for children and youths, family therapy, anxiety and stress, relationship and couples, grief and loss, life transition, depression, anger, parental separation and for highly sensitive people.

As a child-friendly, sensitive and dedicated professional, Lucia emphasizes the uniqueness and strengths of each child, every youth and any family members she is working with. Her passionate belief in children’s and youth’s resiliency, potential and their ability to heal, is the inspiration that guides her work.

Lucia helps children express their needs through stories, creative media and play-based therapeutic interventions, which are also effective tools of connection and communication. Use of creative media in the sessions stimulates brain development and also positively affects emotional and sensory development in the child.  In the sessions, focus is on strengthening self-confidence, helping children to understand and process difficult emotions and traumatic experiences. She provides children with unique strategies for managing anxiety, fears, anger and for achieving self-control in their behaviour and emotions and for challenging negative beliefs about self and others.

Collaborative work is an important part of the counselling and it takes place through regular consultations and progress review meetings with parents and other professionals involved.

Lucia offers child-friendly and family-oriented counselling approaches and interventions are her interventions are tailored to each child’s unique needs using an Integrative Therapeutic Approach, especially: Expressive Arts Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Play-Based interventions, Attachment-Based Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Trauma-Informed Therapy.

Lucia approaches her counselling work with children, families and couples with dedication, warmth, optimism and creativity.

Her office is located at 2186 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria, BC.