Free Consultation


When you have an important need to connect with a counsellor, seeing the wrong one can be an unnecessary waste of time and money. Valuable time is lost in getting things turned around and moving in the right direction again.

Forget Trial and Error

At WayPoint, we know connecting with a counsellor who’ll be a comfortable fit for you should never be a matter of trial-and-error. When you contact Waypoint, you’ll talk with our Clinical Director, who will help you to feel comfortable in describing your situation and find the best matching counsellor.

Complimentary Referral

If you decide to talk to the WayPoint Clinical Director, you’ll have a confidential conversation about the matters that are concerning you. Your unique situation and needs will be matched with the experience, expertise and personal styles of a highly trained and skilled professional who can help.

Complimentary First Meeting

After your initial referral, you are welcome to a no-cost consultation with the professional we think best suits your needs. That gives you a chance to test the water a little, and see for yourself if the fit feels right.


Everything is entirely confidential from the first time you contact Waypoint, meaning there is no risk in contacting us anytime.

If our Clinical Director or any of our counsellors feel that you would be best served by a referral outside of WayPoint, we can arrange that for you, as your well being is our first priority.

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