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Counsellor in Burnaby

Burnaby Counsellor Joins Waypoint Team

Waypoint is expanding to provide counselling in Burnaby, BC. We are excited to announce a new member to our expanding network! Karlie LeClaire is a Registered Clinical Counsellor located in Burnaby, BC.  She provides mental health counselling for  anxiety, depression, grief and loss, addictions, and relationship difficulties  in addition to other issues.  She is experienced in response-based counselling and EMDR for those who have experienced trauma.  Karlie provides mental health counselling via e-counselling by phone or secure video chat. In the summer, she will be providing in-person counselling in her office located in Burnaby, BC.

Counselling in Burnaby for Children and Youth

Karlie also has expertise working with children and youth, particularly those who identify with the LGBTQ population.  She provides support on other issues including depression, anxiety, substance use, eating disorders, self-harm.  Karlie also has extensive experience working with children and youth with different needs and abilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.  Her ability to connect with children and youth has given her the privilege of seeing these young people develop and improve on their therapeutic goals.

Educational Background

Karlie received her Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology at the University of Victoria and her Masters of Counselling Degree from City University of Seattle. During her Masters Program, she was an Intern at Victoria’s Citizens’ Counselling Center.  She has also provided therapy at Vancouver Island Health Authority, Salvation Army, and Aids Vancouver Island.  She has a keen interest in supporting clients who have experienced trauma, including sexualized violence.

Karlie sees mental health as an important part of our well being.  Karlie provides a supportive environment for therapy that is free of judgement.  She tailors her approach to a person’s individual needs.  She understands that seeking help can be a life-changing decision that can open up many possibilities.

Finding the Right Help at the Right Time

At Waypoint, we know that finding the right counsellor is key to good outcomes. We provide personalized support in matching you to the right therapist, no matter where you are. Click here to find out more.

George is the Clinical Director at Waypoint Counselling & Referral Centre. He has been a Registered Clinical Counsellor since 1991, working and teaching in a variety of counselling settings.

Waypoint counsellors are here to help when learning to deal with bad moods. Our office in downtown Victoria is a safe place to receive guidance and help make the best decisions to do with you life.

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