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Purpose of Counselling:

The counselling services provided for you are intended to help you clarify the problem(s) that brought you to counselling, develop a plan to address them and work with the support of your counsellor towards problem resolution. Counselling is a partnership between counsellor and client. Your counsellor’s role is neutral and impartial and does not provide for advocating on your behalf in legal or work-related matters.


Your counsellor regards your counselling discussions as private and confidential. No information of any kind is given to anyone outside of the counselling setting in which the service is provided unless you specifically authorize this in writing.

The exclusions to the above are:

  • Child welfare concerns
  • Imminent self-harm, danger to others, or a medical emergency
  • Imminent danger to the community at large
  • Court subpoenas

Information conveyed to the counsellor by someone other than clients is not considered confidential and may be shared. There may be times when your counsellor may need to contact you or respond to you via voice mail, cellular phone, email, and/or text (SMS) unless you instruct us otherwise. It is important for you to understand there is the potential that these messages could be inadvertently received or overheard by an unintended third party. If you have any questions on confidentiality or other procedures, please bring them to the attention of your counsellor.

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