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Counselling for Teachers in BC

Teachers in BC now have more access to mental health counselling.  Through a recent ratified agreement, members of the BC Teachers Federation (BCTF) can now access Registered Clinical Counsellors through their benefit plans. This is a big improvement over previous agreements and provides teachers with more autonomy, accessibility and affordability when choosing a mental health provider.  It also recognizes the urgent need to support teachers with their mental health. As reported by the University of British Columbia, four out of five teachers reported worse mental health in 2021, related to the COVID-19 pandemic. And this need continues.

At Waypoint, we have a team of Registered Clinical Counsellors with a wide range of expertise.  We can match you to the right counsellor for your individual needs.  All counsellors offer a free 30 minute consult so you can see if the fit feels right.  We also regularly check in with you to make sure the counselling process and the fit continues to be working for you.

You can select your own counsellor by looking at our team of counsellors or you can complete our confidential online survey and we will personally match you to a counsellor that fits your individual circumstances.

We are committed to finding the right counsellor at the right time.

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