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Angela Caruk, RCC Victoria Counsellor

MA, Counselling Psychology, Adler University

BA, Professional Communications, Royal Roads University

Focusing-oriented Trainee *Focusing-oriented Therapist (April, 2020)

Angela Caruk, MA, RCC

Angela Caruk is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who specializes in body-centered psychotherapy with women.  She has expertise in anxiety, body image & self esteem issues, perfectionism and life decisions.  Angela also assists people with career decisions, life transitions, managing relationship challenges and suppressed passion.
Angela knows that many of us could be experiencing more ease and joy in life but instead feel stuck, stretched or weighted down.  She believes we are living in a world where there are so many reasons not to feel safe and relaxed in our body. Because of this, we have developed patterns that can keep us from staying in touch with the instinctual feeling-self that guides us. As a psychotherapist, Angela enjoys helping people to identify the patterns that keep them feeling bogged down, stuck or flat.
She also believes that people benefit from having a safe space to explore and express their truth. Having the support of a trained therapist to help us process our feelings and make more meaning of our story allows us to begin to liberate ourselves from self-judgment, criticism, shame and blame. Arriving at a new level of self-acceptance through this process, our gifts have more room to reveal themselves, weave into our lives and inspire us forward.
Angela provides a safe and welcoming space for her clients and approaches her work with passion and warmth.

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620 View St, Victoria, BC

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