Jennifer Keeling, RCC

Jennifer Keeling is a Registered Clinical Counsellor located in Saanich, close to Elk Lake.  She has worked with children and families since 1995 as a social worker, and more recently, as  counsellor/therapist.  Jennifer works with individuals, couples, and families facing multiple problems in their lives such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship and marriage difficulties, divorce, sexuality/gender issues, LGBTQ+ matters, intimacy difficulties, and more.  Jennifer holds a B.A. in Human and Social Development, a Masters in Counselling Psychology, and is a registered with The B.C. Association of Clinical Counsellors.

Jennifer uses Narrative Therapy in her approach.  Through therapeutic conversations in her quiet private office, she will help you re-author your life story, and reclaim your strengths and qualities hidden among the problem story.  Jennifer will facilitate the creation of a “counter-story” that resists the problem, and helps you realize and re-author a meaningful life. “You are not the problem; the problem is the problem” (White, 1990).

Narrative therapy:

  • Gives voice to you as the expert of your life,
  • Highlights that the meaning you draw from your experience is based on interpretation that is shaped and reshaped,
  • Encourages the notion that change is possible, because the problem is the problem not the person,
  • Recognizes history is linked to the present, and that history contributes to maintenance of the problem story,
  • Identifies problem narratives, life support systems, and cultural/social ideas that contribute to how you came to see yourself in a problematic way,
  • Facilitates a realization of strengths, qualities, identities, and experiences that became overshadowed by the problem story,
  • Appreciation for multi-storied lives versus single identities i.e. a certain diagnosis, a bad habit, a failed marriage, a broken family, a victim, a “looser”, and other such identities performed,
  • Development of a “counter-story” based on alternative meaning, and identity of self.

Through therapeutic conversations, and deconstruction, Jennifer will facilitate unraveling of how you came to see your problem self, problem relationships, and the social structures that maintain that view.  Jennifer invites you to remember who you were, re-imagine who you prefer to be, and reconstruct a possible future.