Karla Dolinsky, MC, MSc., RCC

Karla is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and a trained EMDR therapist working in downtown Victoria, BC.  She works with individuals, couples and families.  She is on the list of Preferred Counsellors with BC’s Crime Victim Services Program (CVAP).  Since earning her Master of Counselling degree and Master of Science degree in psycholinguistics, Karla has sought advanced professional training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), narrative therapy, response-based practice, attachment theory,  and has pursued extensive training in working with trauma and in coaching for parenting.

Karla’s areas of practice include grief and loss, complex trauma, challenging relationships, PTSD, chronic/terminal illness, life transitions and critical incident trauma.  She works with individuals, couples and families who are living with the ongoing challenges of a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Karla meets you where you are, with unconditional positive regard.  She believes that the client leads the process, so that you work together utilizing a range of therapeutic modalities, depending on what skills and experiences one brings and what works for each unique individual and familial situation.  Karla offers her clients flexibility and insight by asking key questions that will help you illuminate the many hurdles you may be facing be it a need for positive change, effective communication, healthy relationships, greater collaboration and/or fundamental healing.

Karla focused on the practical details of today as well as understanding the larger life picture of the past and preparing for a more satisfying future.  Karla seeks to identify and engage her clients’ existing strengths and abilities in addition to helping you master new skills, new perspectives, and thus new options that align with becoming your best self.  Sometimes, our perspectives or our behaviours are limited by our awareness of our options.  Just like any other aspect of life, we must learn the unique skills and acquire our new insights or perspectives that allow us to successfully move through life’s challenges such as pain, loss, change, trauma or anxiety.  Sometimes we simply need another set of eyes that are trained to view a situation from a uniquely skilled perspective; other times we need crisis management and a longer-term plan toward fundamental healing.

Karla’s training and vast life experience offer her a toolbox that is rich with learning across cultures, life situations, and disciplines.  She is able to see connections and get to the essence of the counselling work.  Karla is aware that we all need balance, and it is a basic human need and right to seek and cultivate beauty, laughter and joy in our lives, even while we are living amid frustration, challenges or pain.