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In-Person Counselling in Kelowna

In-person counselling is now available in Kelowna with Registered Clinical Counsellor Mac McMillan, MDiv.  Mac has a home office located in West Kelowna with a separate entrance and free street parking. Mac is a Masters’ level therapist who has practiced for 22 years. He uses a variety of counselling approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Emotion-focused Therapy (EFT) and solution focused therapies.  Mac helps people overcome anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma, grief and relationship issues.  He helps people heal the past, build self-respect, security and confidence.  Mac works with his clients to help them set and meet their goals and live a balanced and healthy life.  He believes the real benefit of the counselling experience is the work people do between sessions.  To help clients, he gives people practical and helpful exercises they can do to bring about change.

Mac’s in-person counselling office in West Kelowna is located at 2412 Cobblestone Road. The space is large and easily accommodates the recommended 6 feet distance between himself and his clients.  As with all in-person visits, clients will be asked to complete a COVID screening questionnaire a few hours before the appointment.

Waypoint hears from clients that they are ready for in-person counselling sessions so we are excited to be able to offer this to the Kelowna community.  At the same time, all of our counsellors offer online counselling by phone or secure video. We offer a free and in-depth matching service so if you or someone you love needs help in finding the right counsellor, please contact us.  Or check out our network of Masters’ level counsellors.

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