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In-person counselling in Vancouver

In-person counselling is now available in Vancouver with Registered Clinical Counsellor Karlie LeClaire.  Karlie has an office located at #400 – 601 West Broadway which is close to major transit routes.  The office is large and easily accommodates the recommended 6 feet distance between herself and her clients.  As with all in-person visits, clients will be asked to complete a COVID screening questionnaire a few hours before the appointment.

Karlie has had the privilege of supporting children, youth, adults, and families who struggle with anxietydepression, trauma, behavioral regulation, and sexual/gender-identity expression. She is also experienced in working with individuals who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning differences, Sensory-Processing Difficulties, and Selective Mutism. Her work operates from the philosophy that our feelings, thoughts, and behaviours are a response to our environment. As such, there is no universal approach or strategy we can apply to each person’s unique needs. This perspective is what inspires Karlie to work with and develop individualized counselling approaches to each child’s socio-emotional needs, abilities, and circumstances.

Karlie knows that  mental-health is something that effects each and every one of us at one time or another. All of us have experienced emotions on some level, but sometimes these feelings can intensify making them difficult to cope with on our own. What often makes it difficult for us to reach out for help is the fear of being stigmatized or judged for the difficulties we are having. We as humans cope in a variety of different ways that may not always ‘make sense’ from the outsider’s perspective. We are often quick to judge ourselves or others for behaving or feeling a certain way. This judgement and this fear is what keeps us stuck where we are.

So how do we become unstuck? Karlie’s personal philosophy is that every single feeling, thought, and behaviour makes sense within the context that it is in. She believes that if you look at what is happening in our environment, it becomes clear that we are just responding in the best way we know how. Whether it be addiction, anger, sadness, or fear, our feelings and behaviours are all just responses to the environment that we are in. Karlie believes that if we can look at mental-health from this perspective, we will be much more likely to understand and accept why we feel and behave in the way we do. This perspective is the missing puzzle piece that can help us work towards a healthier psychological state. We can then become unstuck.

Karlie is committed to providing her clients with an environment free of judgement regardless of the reasons for counselling. She tailors her therapeutic approach to a person’s individual needs versus expecting a person to tailor themselves to her approach. Lastly, Karlie promises that taking a risk and asking for help can be a life-changing decision that can open up a whole new realm of possibilities for a person.

Waypoint hears from clients that they are ready for in-person counselling sessions so we are excited to be able to offer this to the Vancouver community.  At the same time, all of our counsellors offer online counselling by phone or secure video. We offer a free and in-depth matching service so if you or someone you love needs help in finding the right counsellor, fill out our counsellor matching form or contact us.  Or check out our network of Masters’ level counsellors.

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