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Promises of Our Service to You

We’ll conduct a screening process before you see anyone on the Waypoint Counselling Network. We do this to make sure the types of concerns you have are suited to counselling work. If not, we’ll explain why, and we’ll connect you with an alternate professional or service that would be better suited to your needs.

  • We’ll involve you in every step of the counselling – beginning with choosing a counsellor that will be a good fit, and a comfortable fit – for you.
  • We’ll ensure that the therapy provided to you is conducted only by specially trained, highly qualified professionals, who we know and who we consult with on a regular basis.
  • We’ll ensure that you will be provided with research-based, proven counselling approaches that are recognized as “best practices” in the counselling field.
  • We’ll offer you evening or weekend appointments if you can’t attend during regular office hours.
  • We’ll ask your permission to check-in with you from time to time to ensure ongoing quality service and satisfaction.
  • We’ll make sure that you are referred to a counsellor of the gender of your choice.
  • Our counsellors will ask for specific feedback at the end of every single appointment you attend. This helps to adjust things to make the next appointment even more helpful and comfortable for you.
  • If at any time during our work with you we determine that another professional is better suited to your needs, we’ll tell you that. We’ll also recommend who you might see for such alternate help, even if that person is not an associate of Waypoint.
  • We’ll follow-up with you after you leave Waypoint so we can use your feedback to strengthen our services and review client success and satisfaction.
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