Counsellor in Saanich BC


Waypoint is excited to announce a counsellor in Saanich BC joining our team:  Jennifer Keeling, Registered Clinical Counsellor. Jennifer is an experienced counsellor located close to the Elk Lake area of Saanich BC.  She provides counselling to individuals, couples and families for a variety of issues including relationship counselling, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, LGBTQ+ matters and relationship issues.

Counsellor in Saanich , BC

Jennifer works with individuals, couples and families on a variety of issues. These include stress and anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship and communication issues, LGBTQ+ matters and more.

Jennifer uses Narrative Therapy in her approach with her clients.  This approach is based on the belief that the meaning we attach to our lives are based on the interactions we have with others.  These narratives are heavily influenced and shaped by the many contexts around us, such as the media, novels, advertising, and family stories – both the factual and the not so factual.

These stories can become problematic when we assume the contexts around us are factual and true and we feel we can’t measure up. This can lead to a person feeling they are trapped and unable to break free from an idea they have of themselves.  Narrative therapy helps a person reshape those stories they have of themselves and their lives.  The therapist will work with a person to help them recreate a better story that is more filled with hope and strength.

To learn more  about Waypoint’s counsellor in Saanich BC, read Jennifer’s profile here.