Low Cost Couples Counselling Online

For a limited time, Waypoint Counselling Network is offering discounted online counselling for couples. It is offered by our seasoned couples counsellor Eric Addleman, MA, RCC as part of his work to complete a multi-year certification in Relational Life Therapy.  Eric is recruiting couples who are interested in up to three discounted counselling sessions in order to accrue recordings to complete his certification program. Couples who are willing to take part will receive up to three sessions at $100 for each session.  This is a discount of $70 per session.  Sessions will be online via zoom and recorded. They will be shown to faculty and a small group of students in the Relational Life certification program where clients will also benefit from feedback gleaned from these practitioners.  Interested?  Contact Eric directly at EricAddleman@waypointcounselling.ca OR Coordinator@waypointadmin.ca.  Do not book through the website for this unique offering.