Mental Health Counsellors in Vancouver and Burnaby

Counsellors Vancouver and Burnaby

Waypoint is excited to announce three mental health counsellors joining our team in Vancouver and Burnaby. All three are Registered Clinical Counsellors with different expertise to meet the diverse needs of clients.

Child and Youth Mental Health Counselling

All three counsellors have specialty in working with children and youth with various mental health challenges. Karlie LeClaire is a mental health counsellor in Burnaby, BC with expertise in anxiety, trauma, EMDR, depression, grief and addictions. In addition to working with adults, she works with children and youth, particularly those who identify with LGBTQ population. Karlie also provides support on other issues including eating disorders and self-harm. Karlie has extensive experience in working with children and youth with different needs and ability including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Kristina Dixon is a mental health counsellor in Vancouver. Her office is at Suite 201-1037 West Broadway. Kristina works with children (from early years through late adolescence), families, and individuals. Her  expertise in mental health counselling includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, traumaanxietysubstance use/addiction, and depression. When working with children, she uses play-based approaches and recognizes the impact of trauma. Kristina works with children and parents either individually or as a family.

 Pamela Fernandes provides counselling in Vancouver at her office located at Suite 200 – 1892 West Broadway. She works with children and youth of all ages and developmental stages. Pamela’s experience working as a school counsellor means she is well versed on anxiety related to school performance, social life, behaviour and managing emotions. She also has expertise in supporting families experiencing stressful events and youth and young adults dealing with substance use issues.

Help Finding the Right Counsellor in Vancouver and Burnaby

At Waypoint, we know it can be challenging to find the right counsellor for your unique needs. We offer support in matching people to the right therapist so they can experience better results in a shorter amount of time. Contact us to learn more or simply call or text 778-677-1960 to speak with our Clinical Director George Bielay.