Suicide Prevention Counsellor

Vancouver Counsellor

Waypoint is pleased to welcome Emad Seyed Sadr to our team of counsellors in Vancouver. Emad is an experienced suicide prevention counsellor, including grief counselling and responding after a traumatic event. He offers sessions in English or French and has office space at 1638 West Broadway, in Vancouver, BC.  He also offers counselling online via phone or secure video.

Suicide is complex and can have a lot of stigma. While there are many factors associated with suicide, such as loss, additions, trauma, depression and major life changes, there are no single causes of suicide. Not all of those at risk have been diagnosed with a mental health illness.

Suicide can be associated with feelings of tremendous emotional pain, hopelessness, despair and suffering. It is not necessarily the nature of the loss or issue but how they are experienced.

Helping People Understand Mental Health

In addition to experience as a suicide prevention counsellor, Emad has expertise in anxiety, depression, life transitions, gender identity, and different forms of grief and loss. He brings a unique background; before becoming a therapist, Emad worked in the area of brain cancer research. He uses his scientific background and knowledge to help “demystify” psychology. Emad helps his clients understand the true nature of mental health and fights the myths, taboos and misconceptions that often surround this important area of people’s lives.

Emad uses a strength-based, solution-focused approach.  This means he helps his clients identify their areas of strengths and how to use these to work towards goals. He provides a safe, nurturing, judgement-free space for all, regardless of why a person is getting counselling. He believes that “people are not their problems”, and that they are greater than the sum of the events in their lives. Counselling sessions with Emad focus on strengths, abilities and core values that can be used to address the issues a person is facing. Ultimately, the counselling journey will focus on exploring, establishing and connecting with preferred outcomes brought forth throughout the sessions.

Emad’s Counselling Education

Emad obtained a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University, as well as a Master of Science from McGill University. His work with community-based resources emphasize his passion for helping all those in need, while his experience in cancer research and suicide prevention highlight his willingness to explore taboo and difficult subjects.

His office at 1638 West Broadway can be reached by car and public transportation. For those traveling by car, metered parking spots are available around the office. The counselling space is located on the second floor, accessible by stairs or elevator. Gendered, single stall bathrooms are available.

5% Pledge: Emad believes it is important to make an impact beyond his counselling services.  Towards this goal, he will donate 5% of the total sum he receives from each session to local, not-for-profit organizations supporting First Nation communities in the Vancouver area. Do not hesitate to inquire with Emad for more information.

How to Contact Waypoint

You can book a complementary consult with Emad to see if he’s the right counsellor for you. Or, if you wish to speak with our Clinical Direct to get help being matched to a counsellor, you can call or text him at 778-677-1960 or contact us directly.