Support Group for People Living With Disabilities

Waypoint Counselling Network will be offering a monthly mental health support group for all current and future Waypoint clients who are living with a disability. This group is a free peer-driven support group facilitated by Taryn Smith, a Waypoint Registered Clinical Counsellor, who also lives with a disability.

We know there is a lack of mental health services for individuals with disabilities and many can feel isolated, unheard and unseen.  This group is designed to provide a safe space where people living with a disability, of any kind, can connect with each other and build a caring and compassionate community, where differences are welcomed.  Our group seeks to empower people with disabilities, so they can thrive despite the barriers that they encounter in their day to day lives.

What to expect?  The group will run via Zoom and will be about one hour in length once a month.  Topics will be flexible to meet the group members’ needs and interests.  Through empowering group members to take charge of the group in this way, we hope to build self-confidence and create a dynamic and engaging opportunity for members.  Sessions will begin with a grounding exercise facilitated by the clinical counsellor to help calm and center the group members. An example of this could be a breathing exercise or a visualization. After this, we will do a brief check-in with each group member before discussing the topic of the session.  Examples of topics could include experiences with ableism, disabilities and sexuality, disability rights, communication of disability and needs to others, and not feeling seen or heard by others due to a disability. In addition, Taryn can provide resources such as tools and strategies to build strength and resilience.

How do I find out more?  If you are interested or have questions, contact Taryn Smith directly at OR contact us and we will introduce you. Once Taryn has a small number of people interested, she will reach out to group members and sort out a day and time that works for all.