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Recruiting Counsellors in BC

Recruiting counsellors in BC

Waypoint is expanding to provide counselling in communities across BC.   We provide fee-for-service counselling to individuals, couples and families.  There is no charge to be listed on our website.  Not now, not ever.

Finding the right counsellor in BC

Waypoint began in Victoria 4 years ago, offering clients personalized professional support in connecting to the right therapist.  Clients can choose to talk to a professional to find a professional (or they can select one of our counsellors directly – few choose this option).  Clients tell us they they prefer the personal approach of talking with a professional first to browsing through websites and directories on their own.  It is also preferred to online surveys that claim to match a person to a counsellor based on personality types or other factors. These matches are typically done by computers and not humans!  The popularity of our personalized approach means we need to expand to meet the growing demand from clients who contact us from outside of the Greater Victoria area. Right now, we are primarily looking for counsellors who can see clients in their home or off-site offices, in addition to online via video or phone.

Why Join our Counselling Team in BC?

We are eager to recruit counsellors across BC, especially in Victoria, Kelowna and the Lower Mainland. We are committed to providing high quality service and professional support for our clients.  With that in mind, we invite master’s level counsellors to join our team:  therapists who are passionate about their work and use a collaborative approach with clients.  For counsellors, we offer you a unique opportunity to focus on your work with clients without the competing demand of managing your online presence, marketing your services and processing payments.  Because most clients opt to talk with us first to help select a counsellor, we help make that initial match successful.  This is a better use of time for both the client and the therapist.

To repeat:  there is no fee to be listed on our website.  As a contractor, you are treated as an independent professional and manage your own office space and manage your online schedule when seeing our clients.   And as a professional therapist, you determine the best therapeutic approach for each client and the length and intensity of therapy.  You can also choose to offer e-counselling services for clients who do not wish to travel to your office.

In addition to having a high caliber of professional counselling skills, our team members are comfortable with using text and/or email.   All client sessions are booked on a basic online booking system which is very easy to use.  We rely on our team members being comfortable in using these platforms to better meet the needs of our clients.

Counsellors in BC need to be registered or have pending registration with a professional body such as the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, or the BC College of Social Workers for example.

Interested?  We welcome your questions!  Contact us directly by calling or texting George Bielay, Clinical Director, at 778-677-1960 or sending an email to

Join our team, and focus more on your passion of providing excellence in counselling!

George is the Clinical Director at Waypoint Counselling & Referral Centre. He has been a Registered Clinical Counsellor since 1991, working and teaching in a variety of counselling settings.

Waypoint counsellors are here to help when learning to deal with bad moods. Our office in downtown Victoria is a safe place to receive guidance and help make the best decisions to do with you life.

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