Our Counsellors in Burnaby

(available for in-person and online sessions)

Do you have a question? Please call or text us at 1 (778) 677-1960 or complete our contact form

Are you looking to start working with a counsellor in Burnaby BC? We’re here to help you find one who is a good fit and will meet your needs. Our network of professionals are very experienced and help address a wide range of issues. We take extra care to ensure that you land with someone who can really help you, and who you feel comfortable working with.

We have built a skilled and diverse team of counsellors in the greater Burnaby area who are highly qualified to help you when you could use that extra support.  They offer both online and in-person counselling.

Finding the Right Counsellor

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to finding a counsellor to work with. This is true especially for people who are seeking these services for the first time. Our goal is to make that process as smooth and simple as possible for you. Once you’ve contacted us, we will match you with someone who has the approach and skillsets to meet your unique needs.

At Waypoint Counselling Network, we believe that counselling should be a positive and effective experience for everyone, and we work hard to make that happen for our clients. We want to see you feeling healthy, hopeful, and successful, and that is what drives our passion for this work.

Waypoint Counselling Network in Burnaby