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LGBT counselling in Vancouver, Lower Mainland, Greater Victoria and Vancouver:

The counsellors at Waypoint are trained and experienced at supporting clients and their families in dealing with issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity. We welcome the diversity that clients who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, or Transgender (LGBT) may bring into counselling.

Whether you are wondering about your own sexual orientation or gender identity or are dealing with a family member or friend who is navigating this unique experience you will find the WayPoint counsellors helpful and supportive. You may feel more comfortable accessing the LGBT counselling services of a group of counsellors who have experience and skill supporting clients across the sexual orientation spectrum. At WayPoint you can expect to receive LGBT counselling services that are responsive and respectful, regardless of where you are in your journey or your process.

All of our counsellors offer sessions by phone or online with a secure video link.

We offer counselling services for clients who are wondering about, or already identify as part of a sexual minority group, in a safe, respectful environment. WayPoint counsellors have experience supporting clients with a variety of issues, including the following:

  • Coming Out
  • Questioning your sexual or gender identity or someone else’s
  • Life transitions
  • Marriage Transitions
  • Workplace discrimination / Homophobia
  • Relationship conflict
  • Abusive Relationships

Questions about LGBT Counselling? Just Ask!

These are some of the specific issues for which you can expect to find specialized and sensitized LGBT counselling services at WayPoint Counselling. We also provide counselling to address Anxiety, Depression, and Addiction concerns which are found in significant numbers in members of the community identifying as LGBT. While these concerns are not exclusive to the LGBT community, there are some unique aspects to these problems for members of the Queer community and our counsellors are experienced at working with these issues.

Additionally, more and more same sex couples are considering starting their own families. The counsellors at Waypoint are well equipped to help with this process. Whether you are just beginning the conversation or are stuck at an impasse, we can guide therapeutic conversations designed to facilitate solutions and move you closer to making the family that you dream about a reality.

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