Couples and Marriage Counselling

Our counsellors are here to help you and your partner communicate in an effective, non-destructive manner. We offer couples and marriage counselling through sound advice and tested tools to help establish long term, loving relationships. Making the decision to go for couples and marriage counselling can be rewarding. Although it may be intimidating, we ensure that you are treated with respect and understanding in a caring environment.

When to attend couples and marriage counselling

There are many reasons why couples decide to go for couples and marriage counselling. These may include communication issues, arguments and anger, emotional distance, sexual issues, infidelity, or the possibility of separation and divorce. We are here to help uncover the underlying causes of these issues and open a discussion that can help lead to strong, healthy, and long-lasting relationships.

Our approach to couples and marriage counselling

The tools we use to accomplish these results are evidence based; proven through clinical studies and years of practice. These methods include the Gottman Marital Therapy Method, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Feedback Informed Therapy and Solutions Informed Therapy.

Through couples and marriage counselling, we help you set set goals and focus on solutions to help you achieve your goals. Our counsellors serve the Greater Victoria, Western Communities and Nanaimo area.  Contact us for a free and confidential meeting to discuss you needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can we expect from couples and marriage counselling?

  • Learn how to communicate with each other in a non-destructive fashion
  • Develop strategies to manage issues that may arise in your relationship
  • Create goals to work towards in couples counselling
  • Learn how to work together to overcome obstacles, building respect and trust
  • Discover how the differences between you and your partner can bring you closer
  • Build tools to stay focused on issues

What are the tools that will help our relationship?

  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of happy relationships
  • Communication tools to help you talk in an effective manner
  • Questionnaires that help assess your situation
  • Learning about what makes healthy relationships work

How does couples and marriage counselling help?

  • Start communicating again
  • Re-establish friendship and emotional connection in your relationship
  • Manage arguments
  • Ignite romance