Self-Esteem Counselling in Greater Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna or Online

Counselling for self-esteem issues is an important tool to help a person basically feel better about who they are and what they offer to those around them.  If a person has low self-esteem, they might not even realize how their view of themselves is not really accurate but is based on wrong assumptions of their abilities and strengths.  It can effect how a person experiences their world, how they view their hopes and dreams and impacts important decisions such as schooling, occupation, and making friends.

Low self-esteem can be addressed through meaningful counselling.  Through the process of therapy, a person’s view of themselves and their strengths and challenges are gradually explored.  The aim is to help a person develop a  more realistic view of themselves, based on more objective information.  Self-esteem counselling often involves Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which is a powerful tool that helps a person develop a healthier way of thinking and feeling.

All of our counsellors offer sessions by phone or online with a secure video link.

At Waypoint Counselling Network, we can help you find the right counsellor in Greater Victoria, Vancouver and Kelowna area. We also offer e-counselling by email, phone or secure video.  If you are unsure of which counsellor to choose, fill out our counsellor matching formGeorge Bielay, our Clinical Director, will use this information to help match you with the right counsellor for your needs and learning style.  Or you can select your own counsellor from our team and book a complimentary session to see if it is the right “fit”.  The right “fit” is one of the strongest predictors of success.

Self Esteem Counsellors