Easy Ways to Happiness

Happiness…we are all after it.  Let’s look at what science says about promoting happiness. The following are science-back ‘to-do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ that help you be happier.

Easy ways to happiness - Counselling Services

Be Nostalgic

When folks tell stories of their experiences, they are reviewed in a more positive light.  It also helps strength bonds with others.  So go ahead and put up pictures and items with sentimental value to get started.

Stop Dwelling

Ruminating and mulling things over, attempting to gain insight, over time will result in feelings of helplessness.  This can lead to depression.  Rather than ruminating, break this habit using any type of distraction.


Yup, and it’s around 2 pm.  At around 2, our brain chemistry, serotonin, gets low.  Snack on something containing mood-boosting nutrition like B vitamins.

Get Moving

Everyone already know that exercise helps.  Getting 30 minutes, three-time/week, of physical exercise generates some ‘good-mood’ brain chemistry, having a major positive impact on mood.

Decide…and move on

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with choices, be it a new car or nail-polish  colour.  We all want to make the best choice, but the affect of indecision is stress and anxiety.  Who needs that?  Limit your choices, make a decision, and move on. Remember, don’t dwell either.


That is, find something, anything, that can occupy your attention 100%.  You will feel focused and motivated, thus promoting happiness.

Habits help

Wow, turns out folks are happier when everyday things are completed.  Yup, stuff like making the bed, finally getting to that closet re-organization, learning how to use online banking. If you are putting it off, science says you’ll be happier when you complete the task.