Finding a Counsellor in BC is critical to getting quicker, better counselling results

find a counsellor in BC

Finding a counsellor in BC can be a frustrating experience.  The internet is a very crowded place. In addition to the numerous large directories listing hundreds of therapists who pay a fee for their listing, there are even more individual therapists with their own websites.   The average search can result in over 100,000 website listings.

Finding a counsellor,  the “right” counsellor, is critically important.  Many years of research in clinical counselling has shown that the single strongest predictor of successful outcomes is the relationship between the client and the therapist.  This “therapeutic relationship” overrides everything else including the counsellor’s credentials, their training, clinical approach, experience, and gender.  And what is a great match for one person can be a disaster for another.  What creates that good therapeutic relationship is complex and highly individual.

Throughout my long career as a Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC, I heard from countless individuals and couples how difficult it was to find the right counsellor in BC.  Many people would give up after meeting a few therapists and not hitting their stride in counselling.  I want to help people successfully find the right counsellor, so I created Waypoint Counselling.  Of the hundreds of people that have reached out to us since we launched in 2014, over 85% ask for individualized help in being matched to a counsellor.

At Waypoint, we have a very strong network of highly experienced counsellors in BC to choose from.  In the greater Victoria area, we have counsellors located in Oak Bay, Cadboro Bay, Esquimalt, Fairfield, Saanich, and Vic West.  We also have counsellors in the Western Communities of Colwood, Langford, Sooke and Metchosin.  We are expanding up island and are recruiting counsellors in Duncan and Cowichan Valley and Nanaimo.    Later this year, we will add counsellors located in the Lower Mainland. This will help the public in BC to find the right counsellor.

We are committed to making sure your search for the right counsellor is successful.  You can call or text us at 778-677-1960, leave a message for us through the website or book a time to chat by using this link.  You can also choose your own counsellor by browsing our list of counsellors in BC and read their bios.  You can book directly with any of our counsellors using our online booking system.  All our counsellors offer a complimentary 30-minute appointment during which you can meet with them and get a sense if the fit is right for you.

Because the right counselling fit means better outcomes.