Happiness–Disspelling the Misconceptions

A number of misconception persist about happiness. Below are some facts.

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Money CAN buy you happiness

The primary misconception is that money and wealth will make everything better and easier. Have you heard yourself or someone else say, if I had more money, then things would be so much better and I’d finally be content.

Not so. For example, lottery winners tend to return to the same level of contentment shortly after the thrill of winning a large cash prize subsides.

Once basic living essentials are met, things like food, shelter, clothing, then happiness is not effected by the amount of money, wealth or status.

Relationships Bring Bliss: True or False?

The idea that you have to be in a relationship in order to be happy is a myth. It is true that a strong emotional relationship contributes to one’s degree of satisfaction and contentment, however it is not a determinant. Singles whom have strong friendships, nurture these relationships and also strive to pursue meaningful interests are much happier than folks in dysfunctional and mismatched intimate relationships.

The common myth is that a special person and/or relationship leads to emotional contentment and happiness. The truth is that we are fully responsible for our own joy in life, and that relying on others is futile.

Older IS Better

Like a good bottle of wine, it appears that things get better for us with age. Research continues to confirm that, with age, people experience more positive emotions and fewer negative emotions than younger folks. In addition to a general degree of satisfaction, aging people have less stress and more emotional stability.

Happiness is genetic

Some would say that you are either born with a positive or negative disposition. It is true that we are born with a ‘set-point’, which accounts for about half of the degree of happiness. Ten percent is based on life circumstances, leaving 40% which is determined by one’s choices, actions, behaviours, and interactions with others. That is a lot of wiggle-room to benefit from.