Walking Mindfully leads to Reduced Stress and Improved Happiness

We all hear about how busy our lives have become juggling competing priorities and the big impact of multitasking, phones and social media in our lives.  But going for a savouring walk, a mindful walk, daily can significantly improve feelings of happiness, lower stress, and improve concentration.   It is a way to consciously notice, savour and appreciate the positive things around us instead of missing them while we carry on with our busy lives.


How it Works

Set aside 15 to 30  minutes every day to take a walk outside by yourself.  Try and schedule it into a consistent time so a habit is formed.  Turn your phone off or leave it at the office or home.  As you walk, notice as many positive things you can.  It can be the colour of the leaves, how the sky looks in the distance, the feel of the breeze on your skin, the smiles on people talking with each other or an interesting building you never noticed before.

As you notice each positive thing, no matter how minor, acknowledge it in your mind.  Be deliberate about acknowledging it. Soak it in. Try and identify why the image or sensation is positive for you.

Take a different route every day.  At the end of each walk, think of four things that you thought was positive and refreshing. Once again, deliberately acknowledge these.

Do this for two weeks…and see how you feel.  You will be surprised how uplifting you will find the experience and the impact it can have.