Parenting Support in BC

No one ever said parenting would be easy.  As your child grows and develops, there are rewards but also challenges.  And each stage of life brings with it different demands that require different strategies.  And one size does not fit all.

Parenting Support BC

Get Matched to a Counsellor for Help with Parenting

Waypoint has counsellors located in Greater Vancouver, Victoria area and Vancouver Island.  Have a look at our team.  If you don’t find anyone in  your area, many of our counsellors offer e-counselling by phone or secure video chat so no matter where you are, we can help.

Every family is unique so the selection of the right counsellor for your family is key.  How to select a counsellor?  At Waypoint, we know our counsellors – their skills and styles – so we can help match you with the counsellor that is best suited for your individual situation.  To learn more, check out Match me to a Therapist.

We can help you manage those challenging times and build on the strengths and resilience of your family.  You can start to enjoy healthier relationships and learn to take care of yourself.  Many of our counsellors have expertise in working with parents, children, youth and young adults.  They also have experience in working with many different issues including communication challenges, mental health, addictions, anger management, and relationship challenges.  Our counsellors are open to working with a family in what ever way makes the most sense – either with individuals, couples or with the entire family.

Contact us if you wish to get help begin matched.