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Phone and Online Counselling:

Life can be busy and fitting in another appointment may simply be too difficult at the moment. If so, you may be interested in doing counselling sessions over the phone or through a secure video link.  Wherever you are, you can discuss those topics that are most important to you in this convenient and confidential manner.

Yet another alternative to in-person meetings, e-counseling or online therapy, is an option. Through secure and confidential on-line links, you can discuss life matters electronically.

Not sure which counsellor to select?  Fill out our counsellor matching form. Our Clinical Director will use this information to help you narrow down your choice to the counsellor that best meets your needs and style.  The counselling “fit” is the strongest predictor of successful outcomes in counselling which is why Waypoint Counselling Network focuses a lot of attention on making sure the “fit” will work for our clients.

OR – you can look at the backgrounds of the counselling team at Waypoint and note which of those professionals provide phone or online counselling.

All counsellors are members of professional regulatory bodies such as the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. These regulatory bodies provide direction to its members on how to provide e-counselling services in safe, secure and confidential manner.

Questions about Phone & Online Counselling? Just Ask!

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