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Direct billing for counselling services

Direct Billing for Counselling Services

Here at Waypoint Counselling Network, we strive to offer services that are accessible and inclusive. We’re committed to providing a clear and transparent process for billing, direct billing and insurance claims so you can access the support you need to…

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Winter flower

Beating the Winter Blues – 5 Tips

Do you find yourself “California Dreamin” at this time of year? You’re definitely not alone. Winter officially began on December 21 and many people report feeling a sense of gloom, sadness, low energy or even depression at this time of…

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Find a Couples Counsellor

Don't wait to seek a couples or marriage counsellor. It can feel stressful seeking out couples counselling but don't put it off.  Issues and conflicts in a relationship tend to only get worse if left unaddressed.  What may seem like…

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Counselling for Teachers in BC

The start of the school year can be a stressful time for teachers. But did you know that teachers in BC under the BCTF contract have more access to mental health counselling?  Through a recent ratified agreement, members of the…

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