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Pastoral Counselling in Greater Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna or online anywhere

Pastoral counselling is a unique form of psychotherapy that has the option of using spiritual resources as well as psychological understanding for healing and growth. Professionals trained in Pastoral Counselling are highly educated, emotionally intuitive and spiritually sensitive to the beliefs and needs of their clients. If you are seeking a faith-based counsellor please indicate this to us and we can connect you with a suitable clinical counsellor.

All of our counsellors offer sessions by phone or online with a secure video link.

Not sure which counsellor to select for Pastoral Counselling?  You can contact us to speak with the Clinical Director who can help you narrow down your choice to the counsellor that best meets your needs and style.  The biggest predictor of successful outcomes in counselling is the counselling “fit”. This is why Waypoint Counselling Network offers information on the different forms of counselling offered and how they can meet your needs, along with providing our Counsellor Matching service. Making sure the “fit” is right for our clients is our number one priority.

All counsellors are members of professional regulatory bodies such as the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors.

Questions about Pastoral Counselling? Just Ask!

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