5 Tips for Professional Women to have a Relaxing Holiday

As the countdown to the holidays approaches, the stress and demands can increase – especially for professional women juggling work and family. Amidst all the festive chaos, let’s pull out some great tips on creating a stress-free and enjoyable season. Because, at the end of the day, taking care of your mental health is like giving yourself the best holiday gift ever! So, grab your favorite blanket and let’s dive into a cozy action plan that feels just like a warm hug.

  1. TLC with Self-Care:
    • Take tiny breaks in your day for things that make your heart happy. Whether it’s sipping on your favorite tea, enjoying an online yoga class, or simply taking a moment to breathe, these self-care rituals are like little sparks of joy in your busy day. 
  2. Realistic Expectations start with Real Talk:
    • Be real with your work buddies about your limits. Trust us, it’s okay to say, “Hey, I’m not Super Woman!” Setting those boundaries protects you against burnout. If needed, start small with a few “no’s” here and there and see how it frees up your time and your mental space.   
  3. Let it Go:
    • Try to avoid over planning your holiday time.  Down time is good time.  You don’t have to get tickets to every holiday event or attend every party invitation.  Less is more.  If needed, schedule downtime right into your calendar so you have time to read that favourite book or go for a walk with a friend. 
  4. Festivities at Work? Yes, Please!:
    • It doesn’t take much to spice up your work routine with a dash of holiday spirit. It can be as simple as an ice breaker at the beginning of the meeting where everyone shares a funny or embarrassing holiday memory.  Or you could plan a virtual Secret Santa, try a holiday-themed Zoom background competition, or share you favourite holiday recipes. 
  5. Cheers to Imperfections:
    • No one, unless they live in a Hallmark movie, has perfect holidays!  We need to embrace those perfectly imperfect moments with colleagues, friends and loved ones. Maybe it’s the joyous chaos of wrapping presents or the hilariously lopsided gingerbread house. Or the tree that just won’t stand up straight and leans like it had too much rum and eggnog.  Embrace the humour and share them with others.  They can all relate. 

This holiday season, remember that taking care of your mental health is the ultimate treat. Share the load, communicate openly, less is more.  And if things get a bit too much, here’s to finding your own cozy ways to navigate the holiday hustle.