Amazing Benefits of Deep Breathing


Deep breathing, a simple practice of slow, controlled breathing, has a bunch of amazing, positive benefits.  Given that we are (unconsciously) breathing all-the-time, consider doing some deliberate and conscious breathing to get  some amazing benefits of this simple tool.

More Happy Moods
Deep, controlled breathing triggers several brain areas.  These areas are associated with anti-depressive types of actions, behaviours and activities. Go figure!

Better, Deeper, more Restful Sleep
When you do deep-breathing before bed, even for a few minutes, those folks with insomnia tend to wake up less during the course of the night, and feel more rested in the morning.

Way Less Anxiety and Depression
The research is compelling! Regular breathing exercises shows a significant decrease in anxiety and depression.  Why?  When you slow the breath, you also slow your breath, you also slow down your physical experience.  Slowing down your body has a direct impact on slowing down your negative and/or anxious thoughts.

Good for Your Heart
Turns out the breathing exercises helps reduce blood pressure for those with hypertension.

Well, it isn’t rocket science, and may sound overly simplistic, but this stuff works. Breathing is something that we are doing unconsciously all the time. So, try breathing more consciously, slower and deeper and reap the benefits.