Body Scan Mindfulness-Longer Is Better

How Much Body Scan Mindfulness is Enough?

Ever ask yourself that question? I know I do. Especially with body scan mindfulness. Well, it turns out, according to research evidence, that the more time you spend practicing a body scan mindfulness meditation, the more you get out of the practice. So, the longer the better. Might have to say, ‘the longer the better…eventually’. Be patient initially, you need some time practicing this before the benefits become obvious.

The basic steps to a body scan are as follows;

  • Find a comfortable place which you will not be disturbed
  • Deliberately pay attention to your body and the physical sensations
  • Feel the weight of your body in your seat or on the floor
  • Focus on your breathing, taking a few breathes and notice the sensation of inhaling and exhaling
  • notice your legs, then your back, stomach, hands, arms, shoulders…let these become soft
  • neck, throat, jaw, face…let them relax
  • etc…repeat…etc…repeat!

Going Mobile

Keep in mind that you don’t need to do the entire full-body scan always. When you get comfortable with the basic idea of the method, you could practice this exercise throughout your day, and in small pockets of time.

This can be a very portable and mobile mindfulness tool. Consider riding the bus to work, and momentarily being acutely focused and aware of your feet inside your shoes. Remember, the more mindfulness type of behaviours and practices you do, the more you get out of it, and this is only limited by one’s own imagination and efforts.