Depression Counselling in Victoria BC

Are you looking for depression counselling in Victoria BC?  Counselling has been known to help.  It can help you understand how negative self talk really does take you down a negative path and effect your mood.  This negative self-talk can get amplified when you’ve had a bad interaction with someone or something has occurred that has a negative impact.  Negative self-talk can amplify depression, which can further lead to more negative self-talk, leading to a deeper feeling of depression.

depression counselling victoria bc

This process can then become self-reinforcing and self-fulfilling, sort of like a run-away train.  But there are a number of effective and tangible ways of help get you back of track.

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Counselling can help you understand how the cycle of negative self talk can get you stuck.  Internal negative self-talk can sound very real and convincing, especially when you’ve had a regrettable interaction or some unfortunate experience.  It is in these moments, that you need to remind yourself that your thought can’t be trusted or believed.  These thoughts are merely thoughts, some fleeting.

Stop Thinking and do Something Different

Don’t get bogged down into a negative pattern of behaving when you are having a low mood.  As challenging as it is, pushing thru and behaving and acting in ‘anti-depressing’ ways leads to a mood improvement.

Not sure this is true?  Through depression counselling in Victoria BC, you can get tools to track your behaviour and mood for a week.  You counsellor can help you use tools from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to monitor your mood from 0-100 on an hourly basis, along with documenting your behaviours in the same hour. Do it for a week. Typically folks will notice their behaviours and moods are strongly related. If you lounge around too much (binge watch TV, or play video games for hours) your mood can be negatively affected.

Counselling for Depression can Amplify your Positive Self-Talk

It is very useful to have a predetermined set of realistic and trustworthy statements that will counter-balance the negative self-talk.  For example, having a reminder statement like; ‘don’t believe your thoughts right now’, ‘these thoughts will pass, be patient’, and ‘don’t engage with the thoughts’.

Don’t Engage with the Negative Talk

That is, simply do not entertain them or interact with these negative thoughts.  The less interaction the better. Remember, these thoughts are not to be trusted, especially when one if feeling down.

Find Depression Counselling in BC

First and foremost talk with your doctor.  It is very important to first know how serious your depressive state is, and make sure you are not at risk for self harm.  Some people also find medication helpful – but that is really the call of your medical practitioner.

But yes, counselling is also a key component in getting better.  But how to choose a good counsellor?  At Waypoint, we believe the fit between you and your counsellor is key to successful outcomes. That is why we offer to match you with the best counsellor for YOU.  Contact us to speak with our Clinical Director George Bielay. You can call him, email or text him at 778-677-1960.  Or check out our team of clinical experts and select someone to meet.  Either way, we offer a free complimentary session where you can meet with a counsellor for half an hour to see if the fit is right for you.

Start you journey now to turn those negative thoughts upside down.