Finding a counsellor in Langford BC

Looking for a counsellor in Langford BC?  This might be something you’ve been thinking about going to see a professional counsellor for ages now. You may even have broached the idea with a trusted friend or family member, making a soft inquiry about seeing and finding a counsellor.

Getting a recommendation from a family member or friend is a great place to start. However, one must keep in mind that who may have been “fitting” for your friend at the time, the “fit” simply may not be right for you and your current circumstances and needs.

Finding the right “fit”

When seeking a counsellor in Langford, BC, you naturally want to find someone who has knowledge, information, expertise in the area of your concern. Metaphorically, if you have a medical problem with your heart for example, you don’t really want to be seeing a doctor that is knowledgeable in foot disease right? The same applies with counsellors, finding someone that works in the area is definitely important. But, interestingly, expertise is not the most important factor in the counsellor-client alliance and relationship.

Research tells us that up to about 40% of the success in a counselling experience is the “fit”.  Not the educational background, not the “methodology” but the “fit” which can be subtle but related to their style and approach. It can be very subjective.

Waypoint will help you find the right counsellor in Langford BC

But how do you find the right fit? At Waypoint, we know that the match is very important and that finding a counsellor on your own can be trial and error. Which can mean some wasted time, money and effort. At Waypoint, you can contact us for personalized help in finding that right fit.  George Bielay, our Clinical Director, can talk with you over the phone, or by text at 778-677-1960.  Or, you can simply email him directly at