Running Nowhere in Every Direction

Stressing out gets you nowhere…but how do you stop?

Stress is a natural reaction to changes in our lives and the mid-life years are no exception. It is not the events that we face that are the issue – it is how strong we react to them.

Midlife can be stress-filled. Changes like:

  • Jobs, retirement

  • Caring for elderly parents or an ill spouse

  • Children leaving the home

Learning how to deal with midlife stress can help ease the transitions.

Mid-life is a turning point and opportunity for personal growth and transformation, creating new meaning and fulfillment for the next stage in life.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective treatments for stress and anxiety. It is evidenced-based and results-oriented.

CBT can help you better understand how your anxiety and stress develops in response to daily events. Having a strong grasp of how you respond is an important step in managing the stress and anxiety, rather than it continuing to manage you.

Understand the problem

  • Instead of dredging up old memories, CBT focusses on the here and now and the thoughts and feelings that keep the fear and stress alive.

Develop skills to change old patterns

  • Through CBT-focused counselling, you learn new skills to change how you respond to stress and anxiety in your life.  It introduces new ways of thinking.  Rather than avoiding situations that provoke negative feelings, you learn how to approach stressful events gradually over time so you regain control.  

Achieve your goals. 

  • CBT-focused counselling helps you set goals and review progress.  Through practice, you develop skills gradually and see the results of your efforts.