Steps that work for depression

Negative thinking

When dealing with depression, taking action, any action, is better than doing nothing.  For some, taking a step towards doing something is often emotionally, and physically, challenging. But it is worth it.  And doing things that are proven to work makes the most out of your efforts and time.

And it doesn’t have to be a big deal, but being consistent with is important.  Here are a few activities that have a proven track record to improve one’s mood, degree of happiness and emotional wellness.

Getting An Attitude Adjustment

Because depression colours so many aspects of one’s life negatively, intentionally shifting one’s attitude is undeniably hard, but critical in dealing with the circumstances.  Remind yourself that “life happens” for everyone, and those folks with a more positive disposition tend to bounce back quicker, are healthier, have good social connections, and are generally content with their lives.

Tune Into Gratitude

Intentionally focusing on gratitude does a couple of important things. Recording three things daily that you are grateful for forces you to review your day for positive aspects. These positive things are already there, the idea is to notice them more.  When you start doing that, then you begin to ‘move’ through your daily looking for these moments. The result, a better outlook, perspective, improved mood and degree of satisfaction and happiness. Try it, it works pretty well.

Cultivate Positivity

To cultivate positivity, it is helpful to also be proactive.  Draw up a list of enjoyable activities, thoughts, memories, etc, so that when you feel down, a purposeful refresher is available to you.

Savor The Moment

Savor and cherish those small moments of happiness, appreciation, whatever they may be.  This too doesn’t have to be a big deal. For example, noticing and ‘absorbing’ laughing children in a playground, or the joy of a piece of music. Slow down and ‘take it in’.

Make Positive Connections

Building and developing personal relationship is a strong counter-balance to depression and social isolation.  Once again, this is vital in the process of changing one’s outlook and mood, but also a difficult one to take.  Taking the step of initiating contact will often lead to increased social interaction, and reducing one’s depression.