What to expect from couples counselling

When a couple reaches the point of needing counselling, a lot of emotions come up.  Feelings of distrust, anger, resentment and fear are very common and can be very destructive if left to simmer.  Taking that first step to seek out counselling can be stressful. Some common questions are: What to expect from couples counselling?  How will I feel safe in counselling?  Does counselling really work?

Couples or marriage counselling is a process that couples work through with their therapist in a safe, caring and confidential environment.  Partners are guided to explore their communication styles, their individual needs, feelings, beliefs and values, behaviours and thoughts.  Through a variety of activities such as role playing, partners are guided to identify harmful communication styles and replace them with more positive and interactive ones when expressing their needs or worries with each other. Couples can learn skills on how to work on positive communication, increase affection, friendship and respect of each other. Couples can and do develop an understanding about how each of the partner’s ‘uniqueness’ may play a role and contribute to a feeling of being more together in their relationship.

How do I choose the right couples counsellor?

We can help you be matched to the right counsellor by contacting us at Waypoint Counselling Network.  The Clinical Director will get back to you right away to personally match you to the most appropriate therapist for you and your partners’ unique needs. Or, you can check out our team members and select one to begin couples counselling by booking a complimentary session. No matter what approach you use to select a counsellor, we will follow-up to make sure the match is working for you.  This is also the case if you decide one or both of you want individual counselling.  Our network has a wide variety of therapists using different styles and we will make sure the “fit” will work for you.

What can I expect from couples or marriage counselling?

  • Learn how to communicate with each other in a positive way 
  • Use tools to manage issues that may come up in your relationship
  • Create goals to work towards with your partner
  • Learn how to work together to deal with problems by building respect and trust
  • Discover how the differences between you and your partner can bring you closer

What are the tools that can help with our relationship?

  • Communication tools to help you talk in an effective manner
  • Questionnaires that help learn about situation
  • Opportunity to learning about what makes healthy relationships work

How does couples and marriage counselling help?

  • Start communicating again
  • Re-establish friendship and emotional connection in your relationship
  • Manage arguments
  • Ignite romance

At Waypoint, we can help you connect with the right counsellor for you and your partner – whether you are in Victoria, Vancouver or Kelowna – or anywhere for that matter.