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It can feel stressful seeking out couples counselling but don’t put it off.  Issues and conflicts in a relationship tend to only get worse if left unaddressed.  What may seem like a small irritation or concern at first can fester and grow into a bigger problem that then complicate things even more. Many people delay seeking help because they are worried they will feel vulnerable in counselling sessions and might be the one blamed for the problems.  In fact, couples counsellors have advanced training in how to support both partners to feel safe and heard.  A skilled therapist will help you feel comfortable in expressing your feelings, process your emotions, and hear and process the concerns of your partner without feeling vulnerable.

Many people ask for help in communicating with their partner.  A couples counsellor can work with a you to learn how to express yourself in a clear way that does not cause tension. You can also learn how to truly listen and understand each other.  Addressing poor communication habits as soon as possible can prevent misunderstandings and avoid conflict. Couples counselling can also help uncover underlying issues that may be contributing to relationship problems, such as unresolved past traumas, unaddressed emotional needs, or individual mental health concerns. If necessary, a counsellor can help you or your partner get the individual help needed to address other issues.

Couples counselling is also very useful in addressing intimacy and sexual issues.  These problems can involve complex emotions and sensitive topics. However, a skilled couples or marriage counsellor can help partners develop more open and honest communication so that they can express their feelings, concerns, and desires while feeling safe and not judged. This improved communication can help partners understand each other better and work towards resolving any misunderstandings or conflicts related to intimacy or sexuality.  Therapists can also provide information and guidance on sexual health and strategies to improve their intimacy.

Parenting can also be a very challenging time for couples due to time and financial stressors, differing approaches to parenting, lowered interest in sexual intimacy and just plain exhaustion.  Through counselling you can learn practical tools to better manage the stressors and ways to communicate in more effective and helpful ways with each other.

Trust and betrayal are also important issues that bring couples to therapy.  Rebuilding trust and repairing the relationship after infidelity or other betrayal be very difficult.  This is especially true if the relationship has been struggling already with other issues such as poor communication or strained family dynamics.  A skilled counsellor can help a couple untangle the issues, address feelings of hurt and betrayal and develop a stronger foundation going forward.

How to find a Couples Counsellor in BC

At Waypoint Counselling Network, we know finding the right therapist is the most important step in seeking help. We will help match you to the right couples counsellor in Victoria, Vancouver, Burnaby, Kelowna or online anywhere in BC.  All of our counsellors offer online counselling via phone or video and some offer in-person sessions. Check out our couples counsellors below or contact us to learn more.

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