Find a Counsellor in Kelowna

Find a counsellor in Kelowna

A google search for “Counsellors in Kelowna” will result in hundreds of websites. All of them will describe the therapist’s approach and claim to have the right approach, the right connection. But how can you really know? Asking for a recommendation from a friend can help – but not always. Because what one friend found helpful, might not be the best fit for another person. But how can a counsellor’s profile on a website truly help you to choose the one that will really work for you? And it is an important decision to make – because the “right fit” between a person and their therapist is the single most important factor in getting good results from counselling.

That is why Waypoint Counselling Network is now offering our matching service to clients located in Kelowna and the Okanagan area. Through Waypoint’s unique matching program, clients looking for the right counsellor can speak directly with our Clinical Director and describe what they are looking for, what their challenge is that they want to address, and what they are looking for in a counsellor. Based on that, and our in-depth understanding of our counsellors and their areas of expertise, we then match a client with the best suited counsellor.

How do we match you to the Right Counsellor in Kelowna?

Counselling is highly personal. Choosing the right counsellor to begin your journey should never be left to chance. Nor should finding a counsellor in Kelowna & Okanagan area be left to a computer-based survey or a long list of available counsellors. It can feel like throwing a dart at a dart board and hoping to win!

Our clients much prefer to talk to a professional to find a professional. We can help you sort out whether or not a certain approach is right for you. And our list of counsellors in the Kelowna area is growing. Each counsellor works out of their own office space so you are not confined to our office locations. Also, if we don’t have a location that works for you, we can try out e-counselling by phone or video-cam. There are lots of options to help you find the right counsellor in Kelowna! And all of our counsellors are Master’s level therapist and are registered with professional bodies such as the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors or the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

Contact us to be Matched to the Right Vancouver Counsellor

It’s easy! First – just contact us. You can call or text as well at 778-677-1960. Then, tell us about what you need. We will match you to the best counsellor and set up a complimentary session to meet with him or her so that you can see if the “fit” is right. Then, you can begin booking your sessions. We will check back with you to see if the counsellor selected worked for you!

Image by Ralph Häusler from Pixabay