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Find a Couples Counsellor

Don't wait to seek a couples or marriage counsellor. It can feel stressful seeking out couples counselling but don't put it off.  Issues and conflicts in a relationship tend to only get worse if left unaddressed.  What may seem like…

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Counselling for Teachers in BC

Teachers in BC now have more access to mental health counselling.  Through a recent ratified agreement, members of the BC Teachers Federation (BCTF) can now access Registered Clinical Counsellors through their benefit plans. This is a big improvement over previous…

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Find a Counsellor in Kelowna

A google search for "Counsellors in Kelowna" will result in hundreds of websites. All of them will describe the therapist's approach and claim to have the right approach, the right connection. But how can you really know? Asking for a…

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Help in Vancouver for Anxiety

Counselling for anxiety can work very well.  But while a google search in the Vancouver or anywhere in the Lower Mainland will result in a list of dozens of therapists, selecting the right counsellor is not easy.   Having the right…

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Help During the Holidays

Therapy Dog Vinnie Stress and anxiety during the holidays are very real. Amid all the cute photos and seasonal music, there are expectations and often painful memories that really make it hard for many of us to enjoy this time.…

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Anxiety during the Holidays

For many of us, the winter holidays lead to stress and anxiety.  Below are 6 holiday triggers for anxiety and concrete ways to manage it.  At Waypoint Counselling Network, we believe that talking frankly about stress and anxiety is the…

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