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Recruiting Counsellors in BC

Recruiting counsellors in BC

Waypoint is expanding to provide counselling in communities across BC.   We provide fee-for-service counselling to individuals, couples and families.  There is no charge to be listed on our website.  Not now, not ever. Finding the right counsellor in BC Waypoint…

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Counsellor in Saanich BC

Waypoint is excited to announce a counsellor in Saanich BC joining our team:  Jennifer Keeling, Registered Clinical Counsellor. Jennifer is an experienced counsellor located close to the Elk Lake area of Saanich BC.  She provides counselling to individuals, couples and…

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Types of Anxiety

There are many different types of anxiety - and all can be overwhelming.  The counsellors at Waypoint Counselling in Victoria, BC are reporting more and more clients who are struggling with some anxieties.  This post will list and briefly describe…

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